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PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 12:03 am 
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Hey there Evergreen business owners,

My name is Nathan Scheer and I own Honorable SEO
and Honorable SEO - Evergreen. I've been living in
Evergreen for over 2 years now and I finally decided
to release my service to the public of this fine area,
what I do is help people rank on the internet on Google
for certain keyword phrases typed in for a search query
(example: Evergreen Colorado SEO or Evergreen Co Dentist),
it's called Search Engine Optimization.

Since I've been here I've helped a couple individual
businesses to show up in the local listings on Google.
Now, for many people and businesses here in Evergreen
they (maybe you) just won't have the funds to actually
hire a professional SEO to get to #1 for their business
niche keyword.

But there is still hope. I'm going to help you get yourself
on Google and have a chance at ranking locally, and all
you have to do is take a couple minutes to set a few
things up!

Here is a few pointers on getting yourself listed in Google!

check out this quick video on how you can load your
business into Google and get it verified! (5mins)

Now for the important part of this, make sure you
fill out this listing as much as possible!

And in the about us / our company field, try to write
up to 300-500 words about your company
(I know it's like school again, right? - It's worth it though!)

By doing this, you're showing Google that you're a real business!

You'll also need at least 10 pictures of your business
and I highly suggest getting 3 videos about your
business made (if don't have any) - You can hire my
video guy for $5 a video

here ->

Before uploading the pictures/videos to your
Google My Business page, be sure to rename the
photos you are planning on uploading. Some times
you'll notice that your picture names will be like

You'll want to right click on the photo and go to
rename, then rename these pictures to phrases
that represent your business. If you're a doughnut
shop, then you want to rename it to the name of
your shop, or rename it to pink glazed sprinkled
doughnuts, or something along those lines. I would
have different words/description for each photo,
change it up, these descriptions help Google know
what you're about!

As in the video you'll need to wait a little bit before
getting your postcard in the mail. Once you do,
follow the instructions on postcard and get yourself
listed locally. Many times this is enough to see
some kind of increase in business over time, but if you
want to get the most out of it, you want to do a few
things with your website. First you'll want to make sure
you list your Name, Address and Phone (NAP) on your
website EXACTLY how it appears in your Google listing.

Second, you'll want to link to your Google listing from
your website (you can see an example of a few things

I did to my page for Evergreen SEO here->

Third, you want citation links coming back to your website...
What does that mean?

Yelp, Whitepages, Dex, Yellow Pages are citation websites,
it's a directory if you will. You'll want to get all major citation
websites linking back to your website. Again though,
VERY IMPORTANT, when you fill out these directories you
need to make sure that you are listing everything correctly
that's seen in your Google My Business listing. If there is off
street parking, you need to make sure to match that on any
other directory.

If your business name is 'John's Doughnuts' then you want
to make sure every single citation website you sign up
for says the same thing. Not 'Johns Doughnuts' ---
it's -> 'John's Doughnuts', so when I say exact I'm serious
about that.

If the number is (303) 983-3938 you make sure to
add it exactly, not 303-983-3938. If your website is, then use http:// and not

(these are actually two different websites and it will effect how this works).

To check what your site is, just copy your url when you visit
your website. This will show you if it's http://www. or http://

Soon after blasting your website with citations, you should
see a noticeable effect on your rankings. If you live in the
mountains, it's usually pretty easy to rank for most things that
are not as competitive. Even car garages can use this to rank...

Some people might not even know you exist in the area, but
by getting on Google, they'll know immediately when they need
to use your services.

Now, I really dislike doing citations myself, so I have someone
do it for me, and I trust them to do it. You can actually hire
them by checking out

this page here

You can sign up for free and purchase the basic service.
They do just as good as and they're not $500 or
$50/m! That's insane (use this guy for $20!)!

I wouldn't bother ordering anything extra other then maybe
the 10 relevant niche citations. You DON'T want to go over
board with citations, too many can actually hurt your rankings!

SO, there you go, wait awhile and you should see your
business moving upward through the local search results.
Of course if this is totally over your head, I'm available for
consultation and for helping you setup your local listings, not
only in Google, but Bing and Yahoo. I WILL ONLY be doing this
(at this price) for mountain based companies, especially in
Evergreen (and I'm serious about that).

I can help you get a listing on Google, Bing, and Yahoo and get
you citations as well as set your website up so that you benefit
the most from all the work being done.

I usually charge the big guys (lawyers, dentist and what not in Denver)
$2,000 to do this. I'll do it for my friends in Evergreen for $247,
I can't guarantee that I will always be doing this. But you can
certainly take advantage of this opportunity to rank your business
locally or at least get the ball rolling and potentially get some new customers!

Visit me at and fill out
our contact form. I will take all businesses for this basic service, but
do note, if you want me to do monthly SEO for you, I will only take one
business type per location (1 dentist in evergreen, 1 dentist in conifer),
it's not ethical to be doing SEO against myself.

So I hope this helps some of you out there, if you have any questions.
You know where to find me!

-Nathan J Scheer
Owner of

PS: Please for your businesses sake, don't respond to e-mails about SEO services that look like they are from out of the country (or for the most part anyone!), these people don't know how to do SEO (I'm totally serious about that too), and they'll just end up hurting your website! That's when I get a call to fix it, and it's expensive to repair damaged sites. So just be safe, and I highly suggest you staying away from advertisers with Yellow Pages online or Yelp (not the citation - their advertising - citations are free when you do them yourself) or any of these citation directories, honestly I believe them to be scam artists and they will you charge you for basically doing nothing to help you get exposure online. It's a fad that will soon catch on, but they've been dominating the advertising market for so long, that people still trust them.

To prove my point, whens the last time you looked in the yellow pages (or even searched on Yellow Pages?)...

Now when was the last time you did a Google/Bing search?


Honorable SEO – Evergreen
4961 Little Cub Creek Road
Evergreen, CO 80439
(303) 800-6021

Honorable SEO is a real internet marketing agency in the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado.

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