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PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:51 pm 
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    Jesu thou art my friend and If I should fearfully beseech thee: lord, help. Lord, help! Then let me see help.

    And God did command them in a dream that they should not revert back to Herod and should take another path back into their land.
    Now go, enough, my treasure, my refuge is here, with me.
    And may ye proud foes be aghast, what fear could ye awake in me?
    My Treasure, my Refuge, is here with me.
    Ye may as much look wrathful still, even threaten to break my will, But behold, my Savior does live here.

    What will hell's dread now / what would world and sins do to us / when we lie in Jesu's hands?

    Then you are well ridden
    of your enemy hordes;
    Because Christ has crushed
    what was violating you;
    Death, devil, sins and hell
    are totally and utterly weakened;
    With God, mankind
    has its place.

Bach dedicated this work in part to three figures of his era:,_Elector_of_Saxony
    A weak child since his birth, he suffered some paralysis in one foot and was dependent on wheelchairs early in life.
    "Frederick Christian had written in his diary: "Princes exist for their subjects, not subjects for their princes. His subjects' wealth, public credit and a well-standing army make up the true happiness of a prince,""
    "In 1733, Frederick Augustus was elected King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as August III the Saxon.[2] Maria Josepha was crowned 20 January 1734. Queen Maria Josepha was described as ambitious, intelligent and religious" --

    She was devoted to Catholicism and especially worshiped saint Francis Xavier, and was actively involved in the building of the Catholic Hofkirche in Dresden.[4] Her personal confessor, the Jesuit Fr. Anton Hermann, did actually criticize her for being too religious from what was proper from someone not a member of a Catholic monastic order: she attended mass twice and eventually four times a day and kept more devotions than what was normal for a nun or a monk, and he eventually lectured her that she was more fervent than what could be regarded as modest for a lay person.[5] She did not persecute non-Catholics, and once stressed to the heir to the throne that he should not persecute the non-Catholic but allow them all freedom though let himself be guided by the Catholic faith: she also gave alms to both the Catholic and Protestant poor.[6] Despite her personal strict moral, she was reportedly not a prude and got along quite nicely with the illegitimate half siblings of her spouse.
    As King, Augustus was uninterested in the affairs of his Polish–Lithuanian dominion, focusing instead on hunting, the opera, and the collection of artwork. He spent less than three years of his thirty-year reign in Poland, where political feuding ... paralysed the Sejm (lower house of representatives), fostering internal political anarchy and weakening the Commonwealth.

merry christmas, you crazy cats

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 1:13 am 
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I enjoyed that, thank you! :mastree:

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